Richard G. Wilson


Commonwealth Professor of Architecture in the University of Virginia.
PhD University of Michigan
Research area: Architectural History, design and art 18th to 21st c., Thomas Jefferson, Arts&Crafts
Professor Wilson´s specialty is scholarship involving the architecture, design and art of the 18th to the 21st centuries in America and abroad. His research, publications and also exhibitions that have ranged from the  architecture of Thomas Jefferson to the Arts &Crafts and related (Art Nouveau, etc) movements in the United States and Europe, the history of cities and especially the American suburb and utopian plans, the foundations of Modernism, the revival of classicism in the later 19th century, and mid 20th century modern houses and furniture design. Very important has been his research on the connections in architecture with literature and poetry. Professor Wilson is the author of 13 books, the editor and contributor to 5 other books, he has been the curator of 11 exhibitions, he has published 111 articles in periodicals, academic journals, encyclopedias, and collections of essays.